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Tips For Building A Successful Small Business Team: By Pastor Tommie Harsley

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If you are a business leader, you know how integral having a successful team is to the success of your small business. Because when it comes down to it, the backbone of any organization is its people – and that’s especially true for small businesses. Finding a motivated and talented workforce can be difficult, but investing time in recruiting top talent, as well as sculpting your existing team into an agile one, will have immense benefits for your business over time. In this blog post, Pastor Tommie Harsley outlines tips on how you can build an effective team with sustainable results.

Pastor Tommie Harsley’s Tips For Building A Successful Small Business Team

1. Establish Clear Goals and Objectives: The success of any team depends on its ability to work together towards a common goal or set of objectives. It is important, as per Pastor Tommie Harsley, for small business owners to make sure that each member of their team understands what the intended outcomes are and how they should go about achieving them. This ensures that everyone has a clear purpose and is working toward it in the same direction. Setting goals also helps to create accountability, as each member can track their progress toward the desired outcome.

2. Create an Effective Communication System: Having an effective communication system in place is essential for any successful small business team. It allows team members to keep up with changes, provide feedback, ask questions, voice concerns, and offer up solutions. It also ensures that everyone is working from the same page and can stay on top of tasks and deadlines. Examples of effective communication systems include weekly team meetings, one-on-one conversations, group emails, task management software, as well as online forums or chat rooms for employees to discuss their progress.

3. Foster a Positive Working Environment: A positive work environment is key for any small business team’s success. This means creating an atmosphere where employees feel supported and appreciated. Small business owners should strive to make sure their teams have access to necessary resources, are given regular feedback, are treated with respect, and are encouraged to take the initiative when needed. Additionally, holding team-building activities or outings can be great ways to foster a positive working environment.

4. Hire the Right People: According to Pastor Tommie Harsley, the success of a small business team ultimately depends on its members, so it’s important for owners to hire the right people for their roles. They should look for individuals with experience and skills that will complement the existing team, as well as those who have a passion for problem-solving and are willing to take the initiative when needed. Additionally, employers should consider hiring candidates whose values align with those of their company in order to ensure they can contribute to its mission and vision. Once they’ve identified prospective hires, employers should evaluate them through interviews and/or tests in order to make sure they’re the right fit.

Pastor Tommie Harsley’s Concluding Thoughts

By following these four tips by Pastor Tommie Harsley, small business owners can establish and maintain an effective team that’s capable of achieving their desired outcomes. Having a successful team is essential for any business to thrive, so it’s important that owners take the time to invest in its development. Doing so will ultimately lead to greater success for their small business.